Meet Rachael, Corporate Strategy Analyst

In her role as Corporate Strategy Analyst, Rachael kindly spoke to us about her experience with BlueScope, as well as making the transition from a financial role to a strategic one.

How did you come to join BlueScope?

I came to BlueScope back in 2010. It was a really exciting opportunity, where I was supporting the downstream part of the business in the financial space. Since then, I’ve moved from a financial role to a strategic role and my day-to-day work now involves supporting the corporate strategy team and any opportunities for growth and expansion. We also look at statistics that support our case for steel.

How would you describe your transition from finance to strategy? Was it difficult?

There wasn’t a lot of natural crossover but I think that the opportunity that was presented to me by the team, as well as my manager, really made the transition rewarding. Looking back, it was really the scale of the operations and the perspective that I had downstream that gave me an appreciation of what BlueScope does, and the various parts of the value chain in which we participate. It also gave me an insight into how we deliver value to our communities.

Any advice for people seeking a role in a similar space to yours?

If you’re coming into the financial or corporate space, I’d say just go straight in with a keenness to learn and work broadly with global teams. There are really exciting and new ways in which we are collaborating and leveraging new digital platforms. I’d encourage anyone looking to join to appreciate and enjoy the fact that we’re making a stronger case for steel.


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