Meet Phillip, Customer Service Officer

Phillip works for BlueScope Flat Steel Products and was happy to explain to us what is involved in his role, addressing customer orders and enquiries from a number of different regions.

How long have you been with BlueScope?

I joined a little over a year ago and I was drawn to BlueScope because it’s such a big company; everyone knows it as one of the best manufacturers and sellers of steel. It was very enticing.

How has it been since you started? Anything unexpected?

It has been really good and frankly everything that I had expected it to be. I’m part of a really hard-working team with a great culture and working environment. I love how everything here is safety-first and that the company puts a big emphasis on its values. The company’s values match mine.

What tasks do you undertake each day?

I come in and check our centralised inbox, where all of our orders go. We cover three sites from Granville, including Albury, Newcastle and Sydney, so orders are constantly coming in from these regions. I place orders, attend to various enquiries and so on.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I’m really focusing on getting as much experience as I can in customer service, so that perhaps I can move on to external account management. The people here are really lovely and the managers always push you to do your best, so that’s great.


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