Meet Paul, Process Operator

Based in Western Port, Victoria, Paul is a process operator with a wealth of experience in different industries. Read to discover his story and advice for new starters.

Why did you apply for a role with BlueScope?

I joined in November 2015 and since I’m in my mid-fifties, I wanted to find a good long-term job that would take me through to retirement. It’s local and just a really good company to work for.

What were you doing before you joined BlueScope?

I did a lot of things! I was in IT, I ran a handyman business and I was also an aircraft mechanic by trade. When I arrived, the sheer scale of the place impressed me. It can be a little daunting when you start because everything’s so large but you soon get used to that. The people here are awesome and the interaction within and between crews is fantastic. It makes you feel good to come to work.

What is involved in your role?

I’m currently working on the pack-line but also I’m in training for entry at MCL4, which is great. Duties including packing, preparation of coils—especially export coils, there’s a lot of things to get ready prior to packing those—and also supporting other crew members and ensuring that everyone is safe. You need to be pretty good at problem-solving because if the machine at stations two or four, let’s say, stop working, you have to try to figure out what’s wrong and continue following procedures. You don’t have to be a mechanical genius though!

Any advice for job seekers who are considering a role with us?

I would say go for it! BlueScope is more than willing to give you a fair go at the role. In my experience, if you need to undertake training, then the company is more than willing to assist with that.


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