Meet Natalie, Governance Administrator

Natalie is based in the corporate head office in Melbourne and has a wealth of experience working with different stakeholders across the company. Read on to learn about her varied time with BlueScope.

What did you do before you joined BlueScope?

I started in April 2006 and had come back from travelling overseas. Prior to that I had been working in law firms and wanted to get into the corporate world.

What appealed to you about the corporate world?

I was really looking for something different—a bit of a challenge. I remember at the interview that the people were really great and it gave me a good feeling about the place. Essentially, I came into a role that I knew nothing about, which was assistant to the legal team at the time. That then evolved into the company secretarial team, which I also knew nothing about. I’d come from a place where I had to invoice people and set budgets, so it was a completely different perspective. I had to learn on the job, so certainly thrown in the deep end but I gained a lot of experience because of that.

With all of that experience and change behind you now, what does your role look like today?

My role today is to manage all of our subsidiaries, their information and compliance, as well as all meetings and agendas for the Executive Leadership Team. I’m also the IT liaison person for the legal team, so I’m doing legal ops work. Furthermore, I’m part of the parents’ network, which is linked to the Victorian Diversity Committee. I wear a few hats!

That is a lot! Can you share anything about your work with the committee?

It is a lot but my current focus is to broaden my network, which is one of the reasons why I’ve joined the diversity committee. It’s good to contribute to the people side of things and help others. I’m only a recent member but the network has started to host events for parents and our next one is coming up in October; the purpose of the network is to assist people who have kids or who are thinking of having kids to achieve balance with life at work. We hope to help BlueScope people bring their best selves to work and home at the end of each day.

I’m really passionate about this; I had both of my kids whilst working at BlueScope and I faced a challenging time after my first one. I was able to pull myself out of it with the assistance of BlueScope and now this network helps me increase awareness and assist others.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I love the technological side of my work; my role has developed over the years to the point where what I’m doing now is a lot of continuous improvement and change management. How do we get rid of a lot of the manual things that we do and move things into the 22nd century? I see myself working on strategy and improving how we work with existing (and future) technology, making things safer and more productive.


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