Meet Naomi Alves, High Voltage Electrician

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Naomi Alves is currently a High Voltage Electrician. At the age of 23, she won the title of Apprentice of the Year at the 2018 HVTC Excellence Awards in Newcastle. This was a fantastic achievement and a wonderful way to wrap up an apprenticeship with BlueScope. We took the time to ask her a few questions about her experience with the company.

What interested you in a career at BlueScope?

My dad has worked at BlueScope since the start of his apprenticeship back when he was a teenager, so he’s always been in the industry. I’m now fourth-generation BlueScope, so it’s sort of in the family! When I had the opportunity to apply for a role here, I jumped at it. It’s quite special working in the same place as my dad… we have different roles but it’s rather nice to go home and have something mutual to talk about. He’s an electrician himself!

What are the best things about your role and how would you describe working here?

The best part of my role is that with high voltage, we get to go all over the site and see all the different aspects of the steel manufacturing process–every single different section of BlueScope. It’s great to see everything as a whole with every little piece coming together. We enjoy knowing that we’re contributing to that as a team. I’m constantly challenged and they’re always putting me into situations where I can further my education. This just increases my interest in the industry and encourages me to learn more.

Congratulations on being named Apprentice of the Year at the HVTC Excellence Awards in Newcastle. What was that experience like?

It was really incredible. Over the course of my apprenticeship, I tried hard at everything that I did and aimed to be the best that I could be. To be recognised by the Hunter Valley Training Company with this award was really nice; it’s satisfying to show that hard work truly pays off. It’s good to be dedicated to a cause in your work.


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