Meet Marc, VP Strategy

As the VP Strategy at BlueScope's corporate office in Melbourne, Marc shares his views on BlueScope's heritage, company culture and where things are heading.

How would you describe your role here at BlueScope?

My role here at BlueScope head office includes looking after the company’s global corporate strategy and as a part of that, we’re determining where BlueScope wants to go and how that then flows through the business units. We work closely with the various business units to see where they want to go and then we connect all the dots.

What appealed to you about working at BlueScope? What brought you here?

I think that BlueScope is a great Australian manufacturer, with a really strong brand and heritage. It has a great position in the Australian market; the other side of this is that the people are very passionate, very engaging and have a collaborative culture. The fact that it’s a global company appealed to me, as it gives you the opportunity to go beyond the Australian context and see what’s happening in some of the growth regions in Asia and in some of the big US markets. We’re running projects globally, so one day I’m speaking with people in China and the next day I’m talking to people in Malaysia, New Zealand various parts of the US… various parts of the steel value chain, with so many different dimensions to each place.

Do you have much a chance to visit these areas?

Yes, we do some trips whilst running strategic projects for different business units. We try to leverage video-conferencing as much as possible but sometime we have workshops towards the end of projects that may go for a day or more. It’s good to go out and catch up with the team and make the time to have a really good in-depth discussion.

What are some of the biggest challenges in working with people around the globe?

The biggest challenge is how you allocate your time whist so much stuff is happening simultaneously. With that in mind, we also need to consider what is of the highest strategic importance and what business units can ultimately run themselves. What do we need to run ourselves? Where do we require external assistance? These are two of the questions that we face.

What advice would you give to people who are considering a strategic role such as yours?

Well, it’s a good time to join BlueScope; we’re focused on growth, transformation and how we can use new digital technologies and automation. You need to consider how you can use these new capabilities and data to make operations more efficient and deliver better customer service. There’s a lot of positive energy in this space at the moment and a lot of collaboration.


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