Meet Lawrence, Account Coordinator

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Lawrence is a recent university graduate who has undertaken a career with BlueScope. Based with the enthusiastic office staff in Chullora, he values the opportunities to learn and develop new skills. We were interested in hearing about his experience working for the company.

What motivated you to apply for a role at BlueScope?

The main reason was that BlueScope doesn’t only have a domestic presence, it also has an international presence. It has been a major player in the market for so long and having the varied history is interesting. As a recent graduate, I started with very little experience, so it was appealing to be with a company where I could build my skills, leverage their experience and grow as an employee and as a person.

How would you describe your work-life balance?

Coming into this job, it was a bit of a transition, because I used to be a bartender. I had to work nights, generally finishing at around 3:00 am. I had no work-life balance, really. Now that I work here, I actually have time to myself because (1) I come home at a decent hour and not completely wrecked and (2) all of my friends are free and I’m free as well now. I’m not just going to work when they’re free and I’m free when they’re going to work. It does match up better now. I do miss the bartending/party lifestyle but at least now I have a social life to enjoy. It may be the nine-to-five grind and what not, but there’s still something to say about having that availability for myself and with my friends. I’m glad to have that with this job.


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