Meet Ketut, Storeperson

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Ketut is a dedicated storeperson at Orrcon Steel in Western Australia. Originally from Bali, Indonesia, Ketut has a passion for building and fixing.

Prior to moving to Australia, Ketut worked on the famous Poppies Lane II, fixing and selling surfboards. It was here that he found love and then made the move to Perth in 1999.

After working at Highline, then making patios and going on to work within the wider metal workers' industry, Ketut found a new home at Metalcorp in Kewdale. His knowledge of products and their applications and his eagerness to get to work cemented his position there. It also caught the eye of the onlooking Kewdale Distribution Centre.

Fast-forward to today and Ketut is one of the most well-regarded employees in the Orrcon Steel business at BlueScope. His work as a storeperson has set the standard for many others and is admired by all. With his ability to operate all cranes and machines—whilst always bringing a positive attitude—it is no surprise that drivers and customers love to visit Ketut.

Outside of work, Ketut has embraced Australia as his home and has taken a particularly keen interest in football. His passion for the game is emulated by his son, Jiya, who is a gun player. Ketut actively involves himself in the local junior club by helping coach, run water and devoting his Sunday mornings to the team. His daughter Rahni also thrives in her dancing and Ketut has dedicated himself to be her personal chauffeur at any moment.

As a practising Hindu, Ketut maintains his Balinese traditions and participates in community-organised events to celebrate this great culture. He has made many friends from all walks of life and is a prime example of successful workplace inclusion.


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This profile was adapted from an update by Orrcon Steel; we thank Ketut for sharing his story.