Meet Ken, State Manager

Working with BlueScope Flat Steel Products in New South Wales, Ken is the State Manager and he generously gave his time to share his experience with the company.

Please tell us a bit about your role.

I started here at BlueScope over 18 months ago and my position is really a general-management role for New South Wales, with three processing and distribution sites that I manage throughout the state. It involves manufacturing, logistics, sales and customer service. The three sites are quite different and there are many people, however each of the business divisions at the sites are all closely linked. Opportunities flow through each of them and out to the broader business.

What did you do before you came to BlueScope?

Sales predominantly, however I’ve had a pretty broad background across FMCG, liquor, information services and hardware products. This is my first time working in the steel industry.

In what ways did you have to adapt when you joined the steel industry?

There’s a great variety of customers and you have to understand the broad implications of the market. Working with so many different people is one of the pleasures of working in the industry, I would say, as you go all the way from working with large, multinational manufacturers down to an individual who's building box trailers—all in the same day! The breadth of the customer base is fantastic.

Do you have any advice for people who may be considering a career in steel?

The opportunities are enormous. BlueScope is a very big company with a remarkable story if you look over the last 10 to 15 years. It’s a wonderful place to work with a range of experience and the chance to be exposed to different areas. You just need to be open to learning every day.


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