Meet Jess, Operations Technician

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Jess is an Operations Technician in the stores at the Archerfield site in Queensland. She is an excellent example of an employee who is relatively new to the company, with a background in jobs that were completely different from the steel industry. She kindly spared a couple of minutes to speak with us.

What did you do before you joined BlueScope?

Well, I joined BlueScope one year ago and it has been great so far. Before I joined the company, I spent about six years working in piercing and then six months in a role at an abattoir. One day, my neighbour told me about a job that was available at BlueScope, so I decided to apply and was successful!

What are some of the highlights of your work here?

I really like the flexibility that my job offers. I’m not bound to a nine-to-five working day; instead I can go from 4:00 am to midday, for example, if I want to start much earlier. That suits me.

The people onsite are also really friendly and easy to get along with. There’s great diversity here and it shows that the company is willing to give a chance to a wider range of people. I’d encourage anyone to give it a go.


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