Meet James, Process Operator

James is based at the Western Port site in Hastings, Victoria, and when he first joined, he was looking for a 'change of scenery'. Read on to learn more about his experience with us at BlueScope.

Before you started working at BlueScope, did you have any experience in the steel industry?

I had a completely different working background prior to joining BlueScope. I was a landscape gardener and didn’t have any experience in the steel industry but I’ve loved it ever since the day that I joined.

What appealed to you about BlueScope as a prospective employer?

I needed a change of scenery. My father-in-law actually works here too and has enjoyed it since he started 15 years ago. After seeing how much he liked it, I thought that I’d apply.

Was there anything that surprised you when you started your job here?

Not really, as I was already a shift worker and I didn’t expect it to be too hard. Having moved from eight- hour days to 12-hour days, I did have to get used to that but otherwise I didn’t have any issues adjusting to the work. Everything has been great.

What do you and your team do in your roles each day?

We inspect the steel as it’s moving along the line, particularly for any marks before it goes on to become COLORBOND® and then used as roofing, guttering, flooring, cladding and so on. We’re essentially quality-control, so we hold the coils and inspect them. Most of the time it’s all as expected and a really great product.

What would you say to people who are thinking of applying for a role with BlueScope?

It’s good to be willing to work with a team and connect with other people. A lot of the time, you’ll be working very closely with others. You should have good people-skills.

On top of that, be prepared for loud noises in a factory setting. If you’ve generally worked outside, be prepared for a different environment from what you’re normally used to in your job. I used to work outside in cold weather and in the rain, so it’s certainly much better in here during wintertime!


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