Meet Irena, National Business Development Manager

Based at the BlueScope Flat Steel Products site in Granville, Sydney, Irena spared the time to tell us about her experience with the company.

What brought you to BlueScope?

I’ve been with BlueScope for four months now and I’m really passionate about Australian manufacturing. I really wanted to work for a company that embodies that commitment to the manufacturing industry in Australia. BlueScope fits that bill.

What was it like when you first started?

I was surprised about the scope and scale of the businesses within BlueScope, not just the flat-steel business but the company as a whole. It’s quite large!

What can you tell us about your role here?

My work is all about identifying new opportunities and bringing them to fruition. Each day is different, with a lot of research that involves networking and prospecting online. I deal with many different people across the business.

What would you say to people who may be considering a role with BlueScope?

I came from the timber-panel industry and was in it for most of my career, so it has been a massive shift for me. It’s important to be able to adapt your skill set to different industries and workplaces. Also I believe that if you’re good with people and you have a good grasp of product messaging, you’ll do well.


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