Meet Ferdi and Sarah, Process Operators

Ferdi and Sarah are based at the BlueScope Western Port site in Hastings and both came from different work and study backgrounds. Read on to learn more about their experience in our quick interview with them. 

When did you both join BlueScope and why did you decide to apply for a role here?

Ferdi: I started here nearly 10 years ago and it appealed to me here because of job security. I wanted something long-term.

Sarah: I started about three years ago and I wanted to work at BlueScope because I was aware of the company’s efforts in diversity and that people are treated equally.

What is involved in your roles?

Ferdi: We do a lot of crane-driving here and operate heavy machinery... making steel!

Sarah: Before I worked in this area with Ferdi, I was a crane driver. I moved here recently.

What was it like when you first joined?

Ferdi: The size of the machinery took some getting used to!

Sarah: I think for me, it was the night shift. I was a shift worker when I started and that took some adjustment.

What did you do before you joined BlueScope?

Ferdi: I was a supervisor for a company called Lotus, which makes soundproof walls. It was completely different, as we worked with timber.

Sarah: It was a big change for me; I was a student before I joined.

What advice would you give to job seekers?

Ferdi: Be prepared for a big change of atmosphere.

Sarah: Yes, Verdi’s right, everything is huge and daunting when you arrive, but after training it becomes second-nature.


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