Meet Edin, Process Specialist - Mechanical

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Edin enjoys his role as Process Specialist - Mechanical at BlueScope’s Springhill manufacturing site in Erskine Park. Edin is open to learning new skills and has had the opportunity to extend his knowledge and experience in his work. We asked him about this.

What would you say to people who are considering a job with BlueScope?

If you’re willing to work, there’s always the opportunity to move forward. If you want to learn and if you show initiative, you can go places.

I’ve learnt quite a few areas across the site and along the line and the majority of the things in my current department. I think that it all comes down to how much you’re open to learning.

What are some of the opportunities that you’ve had to gain new skills?

I’ve moved from processing through to lamination and entry and I’ve done most of my accreditations in isolations, coordinator and DEC (department emergency controller), as well as training as back-up coverage for a team leader. I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to gain different experience.


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