Meet David, Group Manager – Financial Governance & Risk

Based in Melbourne, David explains how his experience at other firms has been useful in his current role, as well as the challenges and opportunities that BlueScope faces as a global company.

What is involved in your role?

My role is pretty broad and it covers everything from risk management at business units all the way through to reporting to our board members and giving them insights into what’s working in the external environment.

How long have you been with BlueScope?

I’ve been at BlueScope for five years. My background was working in the Big Four consultancies and collaborating with other large industrial firms. My aim has been to bring all of that experience into BlueScope and help to shape it into the kind of organisation that we want it to be.

What surprised you when you started?

I think that the broad geographic footprint of BlueScope does obviously present some challenges. There are opportunities as well; we have the chance to work with people of various cultures, diverse backgrounds and then learn how we can apply these different experiences to strengthen the company.

Where do you see the greatest opportunities for BlueScope?

I believe that our ability to leverage our brands is great. When you look at COLORBOND® steel in Australia, it’s a truly iconic brand with fantastic recognition. We need to use this to develop our brand more broadly and we’re being seen increasingly overseas as having other reputable brands too. South East Asia is a good example there.

Do you have anything to say to people who are considering applying for roles at BlueScope?

It’s an exciting company and the commitment of senior people to growing the business and developing employees is really key. It’s a great place to work.


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