Meet Catherine, Warehouse Coordinator

Catherine is based at the BlueScope site in Granville, Sydney and happily answered a few of our questions about her experience here. For Catherine, the focus on safety is one of the highlights of working with the company.

What happens in your day-to-day work?

It’s different every day but the major part of my job is to oversee 15 staff and to make sure that production runs smoothly. I ensure that our orders go out on time and that we have a good flow of staff positions throughout the day.

What interested you in working at BlueScope?

I joined about 18 months ago and I was approached by a recruitment agency. They were looking for people with diverse skills and backgrounds to join the management ranks and I saw a career opportunity to advance within the company. Given the diversity here and how safe it is, that motivated me to come across to BlueScope.

Was there anything that surprised you when you first joined the company?

Before joining BlueScope, I had never worked with cranes or trucks at the capacity that they use here. It took me about a week to take it all in, walking around the factory, looking at the cranes and so on. I had been taken for a walk around when I was interviewed but it was still a bit daunting at the start. The great thing is that we really put safety first and we have rules and regulations that we follow to make sure that our people go home safely every day.


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