Meet Anna, Account Coordinator

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Anna is a young member of the BlueScope staff in Chullora. She has a range of different work experience and loves to engage directly with customers. We asked a couple of questions to better understand her background and what motivates her.

What was your working background prior to joining BlueScope?

My background was in retail and I worked for large Australian retail companies, which has made me proud to continue with that tradition by working at BlueScope. I worked at King Furniture as a sales consultant, so that really built up my confidence in dealing with customers and different products. I’ve been able to use those skills here at BlueScope. I then worked with Seed Heritage, which is a large Australian fashion brand. Although the industries are quite different, I think that working at BlueScope is a really good change for me, because I love learning. Going from fashion and furniture to steel is such a huge change but I’ve really enjoyed it.

I think with larger companies, you have your opportunity to grow and that’s what I really wanted when I came out of university. I didn’t want to work for a small organisation. Before I started, I thought, 'I’m going to be nurtured here, this company wants me to grow with them and they’re going to have an interest in what I do. I can take my skills and make them even better'.

What do you find most interesting about your role?

You have your customers who you really get to know. You learn about them and you develop a really strong relationship. Although my previous experience was dealing with different customers day-to-day, I think that it’s really nice to work with consistent customers and build great rapport with them. The department that we’re in works really well as a team and that’s what I really noticed when I started here.

On my first day, there was someone who was stuck on something and another person went to help them straight away. They stopped everything that they were doing to assist; that was a confidence boost for me too. I realised that if I ever get stuck, someone is there to help me. Maybe one day I can help them as well.


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