Meet Alex, Operations Manager NSW

Alex works at BlueScope Flat Steel Products in Granville and was happy to share his recent experience here at the company after many years in different industries.

What brought you to BlueScope?

I started working at BlueScope in Granville in January and I really found the steel industry appealing. I always had a really good impression of the company and its reputation. This particular division, BlueScope Flat Steel Products, offers a fast-paced environment, which was very attractive to me.

What were you doing before BlueScope?

I worked in chemicals and petrochemicals for about 30 years and the last six years were in the gas industry. It was easy to adapt because I had a lot of transferrable skills. I was distributing compressed gas cylinders and I’ve enjoyed the friendly environment here.

How would you describe working here?

We need to be really quick to adapt to business demands and we have a large workforce here, with approximately 45 people in operations on this site and a number of service providers and trucks coming in every day. We’re leading our segment and we are always paying close attention to our staff and chain of responsibility. It's a very safe environment here and we’re certainly leading in this space. There are many opportunities for further development and for our people to take on new and challenging tasks.


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