Interview with an Apprentice - Matthew Gorham

We took the chance to speak with Matthew Gorham, another engaging and motivated apprentice in mechanical engineering. Connected with HVTC and TAFE, he was on site at the Port Kembla Steelworks to gain practical insights into BlueScope's manufacturing process. Matthew kindly spared a few minutes to tell us about his experience so far.

What motivated you to start an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering?

My whole life I’ve been around engineering, so that’s the avenue that I wanted to pursue. I studied civil engineering at university but I’m more of a hands-on person, so I chose to go down this route. Otherwise, my work would have been with a pen and paper, which just wasn’t for me.

What interested you about BlueScope specifically?

The chance to have different opportunities and move up and around the company is appealing. I know a number of people who started where I am now and they've moved up the ranks and tried new things. I'm excited to improve and build on my skills over time.

I really want to be a master in my field. I want to be hands-on, perfect what I’m doing at each stage and then move on to the next challenge and grow from there. It’s my personal ambition to get to the top of each thing that I’ve learnt then look back and see how I’ve succeeded. If I can use my knowledge to help and teach others, then I’d be happy.

What advice would you give to others who want to enter your field?

It’s great work if you don’t have an issue getting dirty and you have a mechanical mind. There’s a lot of tinkering and problem-solving, which I find really enjoyable.


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