2012 Share Consolidation

15 November 2012

Following shareholder approval at the 2012 Annual General Meeting held on 15 November 2012, BlueScope Steel Limited (the Company or BlueScope Steel) advises that the 1-for-6 share consolidation has completed in accordance with the timetable below. The number of shares on issue has reduced from approximately 3.35 billion to approximately 558.2 million as at 20 December 2012.

While the share consolidation alone should have no effect on the underlying value of the Company, BlueScope Steel's share price increased upon the commencement in trading of consolidated shares to reflect the reduced number of shares on issue.

The key dates for the share consolidation were as follows:

6 December 2012

Last day for trading in pre-consolidated shares.


7 December 2012

Trading in consolidated shares on a deferred settlement basis commences.


13 December 2012

Last day for registration of transfers on a pre-consolidation basis.


19 December 2012

Share register updated to reflect consolidated holdings.


20 December 2012

Deferred settlement trading ends.
New Holding Statements despatched.


21 December 2012

Normal (T+3) trading commences following share consolidation.


28 December 2012
(allows for Christmas Day and Boxing Day public holidays)

Settlement of first trades conducted on a normal (T+3) basis and settlement of trades conducted on a deferred settlement basis.



It is important to note that trading in consolidated shares on a deferred settlement basis, with ASX code BSLDA, commenced on 7 December and finished on 20 December 2012. Normal settlement trading resumed, under ASX code BSL, on 21 December 2012.

For further information regarding the consolidation, please refer to the 2012 Notice of Annual General Meeting or contact our share registry, Link Market Services Limited on 1300 855 998 (from within Australia) or +61 2 8280 7760 (from outside Australia).