CA100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark

In late March 2022, Climate Action 100+ released the second round of its Net Zero Company Benchmark assessments. 166 companies on the initiative’s focus list were measured on their progress against a set of 10 indicators that comprise the Benchmark. 

BlueScope’s assessment showed an improvement on prior year and the performance compares favourably to industry and regional peers. Further, BlueScope was the focus of a case study by CA100+ as a positive example of engagement from the initiative. 

The below linked document summarises the outcomes of BlueScope’s latest CA100+ assessment released in March, along with BlueScope’s assessment and comments on its performance on the sub-indicators in which it was scored as ‘No’. This includes commentary on a number of sub-indicators that BlueScope believes that its approach and performance was not appropriately reflected in the 2022 assessment.

CA100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark – BlueScope’s 2022 Assessment