A vital resource for village life

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Tata BlueScope Steel, working in collaboration with a local Lions club, has helped give water to the Ambeshet village of Junnar taluka, around 200 km from the Company’s site at Pune, through its support of the construction of a water reservoir. 

The village is a small tribal hamlet of 150 people that previously did not have any water storage, and although an area of heavy rainfall, the stony terrain prevents water seeping into the ground.  For four months of summer residents had to either walk 10 km to fetch water or dig their own well, and drinking water was scarce. 

In making this reservoir possible, Tata BlueScope Steel has helped give water to the village, and strengthened the community for the future.  

Representatives of Tata BlueScope Steel attended the inauguration of the reservoir, and the villagers' gratitude was plain to see.