Working together to accelerate a zero-emissions steel sector

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Today our Chief Executive Climate Change, Gretta Stephens, gave a keynote speech at the Impact X Summit 2021: Accelerating pathways to zero emissions. 

The central theme was the importance of collaboration and the critical role the steel sector will play in the transition to net zero.

Gretta said, “Action on climate change is one of the things that matters most to our stakeholders. That’s why it is integrated into our corporate strategy and capital allocation framework”.

“We strongly believe that reducing our emissions is the right thing to do and it completely aligns with our BlueScope purpose to strengthen our communities for the future”.

Outlining BlueScope’s net zero goal by 2050 and mid-term 2030 targets, Gretta explained, “In absolute terms, from 2005 to 2030, these targets represent emissions reductions of 35% across our steelmaking operations and 45% across our Australian business”.

Collaboration across the industry would be essential to accelerate a zero-emissions steel sector: across technology, energy and public policy.

Sharing perspective on emerging hydrogen technologies, Gretta showcased two recently announced pilot projects at the Port Kembla Steelworks in New South Wales, part of BlueScope’s climate action fund of up to $150 million over five years:

  • A collaboration with Rio Tinto using Rio Tinto’s Pilbara iron ores, using direct reduction, to produce a low emissions iron feed for consumption at Port Kembla with green hydrogen produced from renewable electricity, and
  • a new pilot hydrogen electrolyser developed to build understanding of the production, storage and handling of hydrogen and, importantly, how hydrogen will behave in a blast furnace.

“We are very excited – these projects will take us to the cutting edge of current technologies to push us all to the next phase and bridge the technology gap we face”.

“Australia needs a sustainable low emissions steelmaking sector and has competitive advantages to achieving it.  I believe that collaboration will unlock our potential”.

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