Updated Environmental Product Declarations

EPD Evolution

BlueScope's Australian Steel Products business is proud to publish refreshed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its uncoated steel products including Hot rolled coil, welded beams and columns and XLERPLATE® steel.

Supported by the team at Thinkstep the updates build on the initial life cycle assessment conducted in 2015. We have added a further layer of detail, differentiating between types of steel and providing more specific and accurate information about our products to our customers and interested stakeholders.

EPDs are based on life cycle assessment (LCA) and are a credible and transparent way to communicate the environmental impacts of our products. EPDs contribute points to green building rating schemes such as Green Star and Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) Rating and are increasingly being used by project teams to inform design decisions. For BlueScope, the life cycle assessment process enables us to better understand where our biggest impacts lie, and so target areas for improvement.

The updated EPDs are published in line with EN 15804:2012+A2:2019 and are the first to be registered to this standard under the EPD Australasia Programme.