Solar Surface Accelerator Program

Welcome Innovators!

The BlueScope Solar Surface Accelerator program is for solar tech companies located anywhere across the globe. The company might be a start-up, or have a prototype or a product in market and ready to power up to the next level.

As part of a 3-month initiative from May-July 2022, we invited innovators and future doers in solar surface production to participate in our BlueScope Solar Surface Accelerator program.

Applications for the Solar Surface Accelerator are closed.

If you missed the application process, please still feel free to email our Solar Accelerator team

Program Overview

We're on the lookout for companies developing next-generation advancements in solar cell technologies. And we're interested in products from a diverse range of companies, industries, and sectors and particularly by products with the potential for application to the built environment.

Ten companies selected via the program's application process are taking part in the 12-week intensive program featuring mentors from start up, ventures, manufacturing, strategy and solar engineering industries and have access to state of the art equipment, resources and technical expertise. All the support that a global organisation like BlueScope can provide.

The BlueScope Solar Surface Accelerator program is run virtually, with the official start in May 2022. The program will conclude in July 2022, culminating in a demonstration day where the start-ups will pitch their accelerated technology for the opportunity to develop further advancements in solar surfacing.

Our 10 companies will have access to A$20,000 each to assist them in participating throughout the program. 

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If you have further questions about the Program, please email the Solar Accelerator team