Xi'an facility overview

In October 2013, BlueScope officially opened its facility in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China, which covers more than 126,600 square metres, has two BUTLER® engineered buildings and LYSAGHT® Building Products manufacturing lines. It is BlueScope's tenth factory in China, and will serve customers in the expanding central and western provinces of China.

The Xi'an facility demonstrates how premium steel buildings support sustainable green building technology. A custom engineered building commissioned with BlueScope roofing and walling systems, the facility is China's first three-star green industrial building, which is the highest environmental rating available in that country. It also won a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) gold award from the US Green Building Council.

"We are very proud this building has been recognised for its sustainable features," said Paul O'Malley, Managing Director & CEO, speaking at the opening. "It showcases to our customers a new generation of BlueScope products and sustainable industrial building solutions, including recycled materials, rainwater harvesting, a 'green' roof, natural light, and natural ventilation.

"BlueScope leads the industry with our energy saving and pollution reducing 'green' technologies. This is one of the most environmentally sustainable facilities of its kind, meeting stringent environmental design principles in US and the highest industry standards in China.

"People think of BlueScope as a traditional steel manufacturer, but we are also a global high -tech building and construction company," Paul said.

"The Xi'an facility will extend our manufacturing capacity," said Bob Moore, President Global Building Solutions. "Annual production is estimated at more than 120,000 tonnes, making it one of the biggest engineered steel building providers in the midwest region of China.

"The facility ensures we can optimise our operating efficiency to supply more value-added, high quality, branded products and building solutions to our customers," Bob said.

When operating at full capacity in 2014, the facility will employ up to 500 people.

Official opening

The Governor-General of Australia, Her Excellency the Honourable Quentin Bryce AC CVO, officially opened the facility at a gala opening ceremony attended by China's Ambassador to Australia, Ma Zhaoxu, Australia's Ambassador to China, Ms. Frances Adamson, and local government dignitaries. 

"This facility reflects the commitment of Australian companies to work in concert with local markets and the local communities, and to bring prosperity and opportunity to both nations," Ms Bryce said. "This investment is an expression of the confidence of Australian business in establishing lasting commercial partnerships in Xi'an and West China. These are exciting times for the economic relationship that Australia and China share."


Xi'an facility green credentials

Integrated green building technologies designed to minimise energy consumption and emissions, reduce the urban heat island effect, and protect the environment accounted for around ten per cent of the cost of constructing the Xi'an facility. The expected energy savings will recover this cost within three years. An 'intelligent' measuring system collects and analyses data to help optimise energy use.

The green features of the Xi'an facility include:

  • A roof garden reduces summer heat and keeps the office warm in winter.
  • 'Coolsmart' white metal roof panels use technology to reflect over 80% of heat and sunlight. The technology in the white sandwich exterior wall insulation boards also regulates temperature differences inside and outside the plant.
  • Geo-thermal air conditioning system reduces greenhouse emissions by 40% and reduces power consumption and operating costs by 40%-50%. A ground source heat pump uses shallow geothermal energy to heat and cool the building.
  • Solar tube light conductors deliver natural light to the basement car park, and skylights bring light into other dark spaces. A high transmittance vaulted lighting board converts natural light into supplemental lighting for the production area, and bright interior paint reflects light to help reduce power consumption.
  • Intelligent lighting control systems detect natural light to regulate indoor lighting, and detect human body temperature to turn lights on and off.
  • Electrodeless lamps, which eliminate internal electrodes, save energy and produce a longer service life.
  • Sound absorption boards reduce noise to help provide a more productive working environment.
  • The air heat compressor heat recycle system collects waste heat from high temperature lubricating oil to heat water. Elsewhere solar power heats the water in showers and bathrooms.
  • Clean natural gas radiation heating system directly provides heating through the walls and floors.
  • Butler® roof and wall insulation, and tailored curtain walls and window design improve insulation, while sun shades reduce heat. Natural ventilation controls airflow through the building and helps eliminate any build up of potentially harmful gases.
  • The rooves, gutters, downpipes and tanks are all designed to save water. A rainwater harvesting system attached to the irrigation system provides water for use in gardens, landscaping, outdoor ground washing and fire emergencies. Water from showers is purified and recycled for use outdoors.
  • CO2 monitors help keep indoor air fresh, and will automatically open windows to increase fresh air.