Continuous Disclosure Policy

Committed to disclosure obligations

The Company is well placed to fulfil its responsibilities to inform stock and financial markets and the public about situations that may have an effect on its market price or value.


The Continuous Disclosure Policy details the Company's policy and internal processes for ensuring that BlueScope Steel Limited complies with the disclosure obligations of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Identification of relevant information

Disclosure Officers have been appointed to co-ordinate the communication of price sensitive information concerning the Company to the MD&CEO, the Company Secretary or the CFO.

Employees are required to immediately notify a Disclosure Officer or an Executive Leadership Team (ELT) member of any information they become aware of which is material or price sensitive. Guidelines are available to employees to assist in assessing information, however the determination of what constitutes material price sensitive information, and whether an exception to the requirement to disclose applies, is a matter for the Board or its authorised delegate.

In addition, the Company and individual businesses have a range of reporting processes in place which assist in ensuring that any potentially materially price sensitive matters are identified at an early stage and monitored.

Disclosure of information

All information disclosed to the ASX appears on the Company's website.

The Policy provides varying authority levels and consultation requirements for information released to ASX. This ranges from Board authority in relation to company transforming events and matters of strategic or reputational significance, through to administrative matters which can be approved by the Company Secretary. Contingency arrangements are in place where releases are time critical and the relevant person is not available.

Information provided to ASX will not be released to other parties until the Company receives formal confirmation of release from ASX. The Company Secretary is responsible for confirming that ASX confirmation has been received.

The Company has a policy of not responding to market speculation and rumours. However, there may be times when it is necessary to release a statement or information. The Chairman and MD&CEO are authorised spokespersons for the Company.

Breaches of policy

Employees are required to strictly comply with the Continuous Disclosure Policy and breaches will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.