Board Performance Evaluation

Regular review of performance

BlueScope Steel has a range of processes in place relating to performance evaluation of the Board, the Board Committees and individual directors.

Board and director evaluation

The process of evaluating the performance of the Board as a whole is the responsibility of the Board under the direction of the Chairman.  The evaluation of Board performance involves review and discussion of Board effectiveness, including looking at:

  • agendas, briefing materials and time management;
  • attention to strategy, oversight of business performance and risk management;
  • Board culture and relationships with management;
  • effectiveness of the Chairman; and
  • interactions with external stakeholders.

Reviews are conducted annually utilising a confidential questionnaire completed by the Board and senior executives. Responses are collated by the Company's auditors and discussed by the Board.

Individual directors' performance is assessed by the Chairman, by means of:

  • individual director surveys; and
  • one-on-one interviews.

Board Committees

Board Committee Charters provide for periodic Committee performance reviews. These reviews generally take place annually and utilise a confidential questionnaire completed by members of the Committee and relevant management to guide discussion of performance. Where necessary, recommendations are made to the Board for improving the effectiveness of the Committee.