Key to a sustainable, enduring business

BlueScope places great importance on strong governance.

Built on the principles in Our Bond and Code of Conduct, BlueScope’s governance framework drives for high standards of accountability for financial and non-financial performance and conduct, aiming to build a sustainable and enduring business.

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Board and Directors


Our Board and its Directors ensure proper governance of their own actions according to the highest standards of conduct

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Governance structure and management


Our governing bodies are organised and made accountable for ensuring strong governance across corporate and business functions

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Ethics and compliance


Our organisation is committed to supporting those working for and with us to conduct themselves according to our values and policies

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Risk management

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BlueScope's risk management framework is fundamental to decision-making for and carrying out prudent risk-taking activities

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Delegation of Authority


Board and Executive authorities and delegations are important to governing strong decision-making and action

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Tax transparency

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BlueScope's Tax Contribution Report covers tax strategy, governance processes, and information on our contributions globally and effective company tax rates

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External auditors


The procedures for the selection and appointment of BlueScope Steel's external auditor are based on a formal framework.

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Shareholder communications strategy


BlueScope provides shareholders with information about their Company so they can exercise their rights as shareholders in an informed manner

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Continuous disclosure


BlueScope's commitment to continuous disclosure complies with disclosure obligations of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

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Securities trading


BlueScope is committed to the highest standards of conduct by all directors and employees when dealing in BlueScope Steel securities

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