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Our brand is evolving

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Introducing you to BlueScope’s new brand identity. Our brand is an important signal about who we are and is directly inspired by Our Purpose

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Welcome to our FY2020 BlueScope Sustainability Report


We're proud to bring you this year's BlueScope Sustainability Report, which recognises the launch of Our Purpose and is published alongside our first Modern Slavery Statement and FY2020 Tax Contribution Report. Thank you to everyone for their contribution to our sustainability outcomes, which aim to create stronger business and build stronger communities for the future.

People Environment Community Innovation Performance Customer Sustainability

Trade and Anti-dumping

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BlueScope supports free and fair trade, but Australia will get smashed if it relies on the law of the jungle. The anti-dumping system in Australia is rules based, WTO compliant and incredibly transparent. 


FY2019 Results a strong performance; Board approves expansion of US mill

BlueScope has reported a FY2019 net profit after tax (NPAT) of $1,015.8 million, and an underlying NPAT of $966.3 million, up 17 per cent on FY2018. Another strong performance, our third year in a row with earnings over $1.1 billion. The BlueScope Board has also approved a US$700 million expansion of our US North Star mill.

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