Blue is the new black

In recent years, BlueScope has made great strides in attracting women to join its workforce. Women now make up 43 per cent of new recruits right across BlueScope, and 40 per cent of new recruits to operator and trade roles, up from seven per cent three years ago. In Australian Steel Products, the innovative ’Blue Boots’ campaign was developed after a review of traditional external recruitment and selection processes highlighted the need to transform the recruitment approach to a new focus on behaviours and values, rather than technical experience.

The ‘Blue is the new Black’ campaign included advertisements across social media with language that moved away from a traditional heavy manufacturing bias to deliberately broaden the pool of recruits considering advertised roles at BlueScope.

Complementing the campaign, a new three-phase recruitment approach featured video interviews, an information evening and an interactive assessment. This ensured all prospective candidates were highly informed about the requirements of the role throughout each stage of the process. Another important part of the campaign ensured that BlueScope’s sites were ready to welcome women, from basic elements such as preparing site amenities, uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (‘PPE’) to facilitating discussions about unconscious bias.